Who We Are

Since 2001, we are continuously providing customized applications and commercial programs that adequately manage information and soundly assist in maximizing the efficiency and productivity of various business operations.

What We Are

Our company, BROTHERS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BMS), is an information technology service firm that provides intelligent business software solutions and latest hardware innovations to different organizations from small and medium-sized enterprises to large institutions in the Philippines.

Our Engagement

Our technical expertise is extensive and continuously builds and upgrades to competitive advantage.
Focused on giving solutions, we are a caring partner to our clients, safeguarding confidentiality of client’s resources and investments through our company’s commitment of finishing the project on time.

Our Services

Networking / VPN and CCTV Installation

With our years of experience, we could help you boost your business potentials through technology.

Business Computerization Consultancy

BMS has a long successful track record in solving scientific business problems through customized programming.


Custom Software Development

Our current programming technologies and large library of program modules enable us to develop custom-built programs faster at the most reasonable cost.

Marketing and Support

With BMS, the most ideal business solutions you need are at hand!

Great Features

B.A.S.I.C. has been developed and is continually improving to address the desired business solutions of different organizations.


Business Application Solution Inter-Connection

The B.A.S.I.C. software packages and reliable services are the pride of BMS.
Investing in our B.A.S.I.C. products is more than just buying a software package,
but as well securing the sustainability of your business in the future.


Our Products

These products are all scalable and flexible for the ever-changing business environment.

Cooperative Accounting, Credit & Loan Services

Members Information System

Inventory Management System

Point-of-Sale System

Genuine Microsoft Products

Computers and Peripherals

POS Hardware


Human Resource Information System

Time and Attendance System

Payroll System

Queuing System

System Features

Cooperative System Features

• Highly Secured.
• Users Friendly and interactive.
• Keep track of system and transactions logs and audit trail.
• Speed up transactions and provide history.
• Increased Productivity and Cash Flow Control.
• Dynamic Financial & Investment Analysis.
• Generate Financial Reports.

Point-of-Sale System Features

• Accredited by BIR & various malls in the Philippines.
• Packaged and applicable to retail stores and food establishments.
• Users Friendly.
• Supports multi-price level, multi-UOM and multiple item barcode.
• Accepts multiple mode of payment.
• Serves as Front-End System when linked to IMS (back-end system).
• Cancellation of orders and voiding of sales transactions.
• Works perfectly as stand-alone or on a multi-user and network environment.
• Inventory Management and Reporting.
• Systems Security with POS restrictions.
• Provides Sales Report per given period of time.
• Generates BIR required reports.


Tested and complete!
Keep track, evaluate and manage the financial performance and investments.

Comprehensive System That Will Grow With Your Business

• Highly Secured.
• Seamless Integration.
• User Friendly.
• Upgradable & Customizable.
• Flexible and Powerful Reporting.
• Work from Anywhere.

Payroll System Features

• Highly Secured.
• Users Friendly.
• Integration with HRIS and Biometrics.
• Suitable to all types and sizes of businesses.
• Support unlimited number of employees.
• Multi-user software.
• Keep track of system and transactions logs and audit trail.
• Support multiple pay frequencies including Daily, Weekly, Semi-monthly and Monthly.
• Support Multi-Shifts & Flexi-Time Schedules.
• Leave and Overtime Application.
• Highly interactive and integrated modules with look-up tables and search queries.
• Maintain government tables for accurate payroll processing.
• Provide government and company reports.
• Utility for Database Backup.

Our workflow


Introduction of the team and System Flow discussion.


System Customizations and Hardware Configuration.


Introduction of System to End-Users.

Training and Implementation

End-user Training Sessions and Software Programs Integration.


Project Evaluation.


Formal Hand-over meeting for System Acceptance and Project Closing.

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